The Wisdom of Wheee

The “Wisdom of Wheee” is a collection of extraordinary moments from my simple life.  I am creating this website in hopes of inspiring people to discover the miracles that are occurring in their own lives every day.  My stories are not written in any chronological order, but presented so that each one can stand on its own.

The word “wheee” is a rollercoaster reference I began using years ago as a healing metaphor.

I was 40.  I had a breast lump and had decided to heal myself through non- traditional practices.  I was on the rollercoaster of life, and instead of holding on scared, I was going to throw my hands in the air and ride with a sense of freedom, fun and joy.


Since that time, “wheee” has become a powerful intention for my writing and for my life. (The complete story of “The Lump of Love” will be shared soon.)


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The Four Leaf Clover

More stories to follow...